By PicturePoems


... abstracted with the theme of repetition. Thanks to challenge host Ingeborg for this week's prompt.

This morning I drove myself to line dancing and actually arrived in time for the first dance walk-though at 9.45 and only sat one dance out all morning. (We finish at noon, with a 15-minute coffee break; the first half beginners' level and the second half, improvers.)

Spent this afternoon knitting a girlie-crown-hat for little Miss B. She saw it on the needles on Monday, and admired the colours and the sparkle. Then she asked if it was for her or her brother. I said her, if she'd like it. Seems she would!! :-) A great incentive to crack on with it. 

Poor Mr PP turned awkwardly in the night and woke with his new hip hurting. He's no idea how the pillows separating his legs became separated from his legs during the night. Still, he's managed his walks and exercises despite the setback. So still doing really well.

Baked banana loafs this evening.

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