By Diarised

Yummy treat

These didn’t last long as they were as delicious as ever.

We endured yet more pharmacy trauma.  The pharmacy suggested we use their app to order instead of handing in the paper repeats. We were dubious about that given that nothing works smoothly there but gave it a whirl.  I spent an age adding all mum and dad’s meds to their app and then placed the order which was confirmed and then we heard nothing! We thought we would check rather than trust the system would work and as expected there is usual mess up.

The pharmacy said they had no details of the repeat even though I have the confirmation so we have more bouncing around between Drs and Pharmacy to hopefully sort it before they run out.

At this rate I will need blood pressure meds to get me through these pharmacy encounters.  Wish they would prescribe more than a month at a time so we had longer between the trauma!  I rememeber the good old days when the system worked perfectly.

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