By Diarised

Satisfyingly Swirled

There is something very satisfying about the look of this.  It is almost a shame to use it and spoil the lovely pattern.

We had a quick trip to the Drs for a checkup for Dad.  All was good except for blood pressure.  That is always high as he is not a good patient and gets worked up for each visit to the Dr.  So the Dr suggested we track for a week at home before she decides if she needs to tweak his medication.

So I have ordered a machine and hopefully he will be able to manage to take the readings as he has to do it twice in the morning and twice in the evening.  At least we can practise over the weekend before he has to do it whilst I am at work.

I also managed to sort the prescriptions (I hope!) whilst I was there. The proof will be next week when we go and collect them.

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