By AnneILM60

Busy day

I thought I would have a restful day today since I’d had a long day yesterday.

But! Kent asked me to get a couple of things for him so . . .

I went into Castle Hayne and went to Hudson’s where I got bird suet & squirrel sweet corn. I then headed to Porters Neck and went to Lowes where I got the 100ft tape measure & wooden stakes Kent wanted.

While there, I also got myself a cordless drill. My old one needed a new battery and it was 1/2 the cost of a new battery, to buy a new drill. Also my new drill is 1/2 the size of my old one!

Like a crazy woman, I decided that since I was out, I might as well go to the grocery store and do one of those shoppings where you get all those things you hate to get when out shopping!

It wasn’t long before I had a full shopping cart and an empty wallet! I got everything home and proceeded to put it all away.

My legs were wobbly at this point so I had a short rest on the couch before Felicity & Serenity came to see me to give me a Valentine card I shared some jellybeans with them and the girls were their usual happy, giggling and gracious selves. Nice way to end my day.

When Kent got home, he again talked of one of the things he wanted to do for Christmas, so I closed out my evening, ordering beads to make a couple of necklaces.

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