Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

3336. Safe….

I use this little bank safe to store my 50p pieces that I collect…I try and get some of the special ones that come out to celebrate different things.  If I find one in my change, I keep it after I’ve checked for duplicates of course as I never remember which ones I have already.

It’s been a busily old day, housework this morning then into town to meet up with my youngest for lunch. 

I did some altering this afternoon, took in some dungarees for a friend as they were too wide on the waist and then finally turned up a bib dress I bought off Vinted ages ago, which the woman was selling because it was too long, and it was way too long for me, so I cut 6” off it!
Turning up the hem of the dress was a doddle compared to the dungarees, I had to unpick some elastic at the side then tuck in some more material, stretch the elastic again, then stitch it back down using my machine.  I did one side but had to unpick it as I hadn’t taken in enough fabric, but it’s all turned out ok.  My Mom was a fantastic dressmaker but I’m afraid I never managed to achieve anything like the stuff she used to take on.  I just do the odd bit of alteration!

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