Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

2972. Present for baby Albie

My brother sent me some photos of his first grandchild today so it gave me an excuse to go into a beautiful wee baby boutique in town to buy him something.  I chose this all in one with a matching bib and some adorable rabbit bootees.
They are so cute..Scandinavian and sustainable cotton too.

I went into Specsavers today to choose some new glasses but didn’t need an eye test and chose two nice pairs, one for every day and one for reading (See extras).  Not too expensive but I decided on a fairly cheap pair as some of the designer ones were very expensive.  Met my youngest for a quick coffee in his lunch break and then headed home, I’ve walked miles today a I forgot my bus pass and I’m certainly not paying for a bus fair for what is actually a 15 minute walk!

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