By Arachne

My non-garden/ex-builders' yard is a bit dispiriting: the earth (clay) is badly compacted from being much trampled and from being used for storing heavy building materials (some of which still need removing). To bring it back to life, it needs a few tons of horse manure dug in and more heavy levelling work than I can manage myself. 

I was confident that at least some of my daffodils would fight back but so far only these têtes-a-têtes (embarrassingly out of focus), brought from my previous house nearly four years ago in a window-box that is now balanced on a pile of bricks, seem to have noticed spring is coming.

OK, next job: find some helpers!


I last saw Fairport Convention at Cropredy in 2017. I left pretty unhappy and haven't seen them since. But tonight I went to hear their Wintour at the Oxford Playhouse: Simon Nicol, Dave Pegg, Dave Mattacks, Ric Sanders and Chris Leslie. All extremely accomplished musicians playing music I like, but for me the spark wasn't there. I wonder whether they doused it permanently in 2017. What I enjoyed most was Chris Leslie's voice - clear like water.

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