Musing of a Lady

By inkstainedhands


Living in the Netherlands is incredible. As a photographer, I've found that water is an incredible element to try and capture. The Netherlands has waged war with the seas for a long time, they are masters of water management. There is a lot of water in this country, despite the fact that parts lie below sea level.

Little Man and I went for a lovely walk before dinner. We both needed the fresh air and the chance to stretch our legs. We went to the playground first, which Little Man was very happy about. I'm looking forwards to having a home with a garden so he can play outside more without having to go for walks every day. We'll still go for walks, mind you, just not on an almost daily basis, like we do now

We're both doing better, with the exception of my voice (sore and scratchy). There is still a lingering cough bit it doesn't sound so bad in either of us.

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