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By Mobius

Bombed an OAP bin man

my first

felt so incongruous

20+ people I estimate helped with our XR organised litter pick along over a half mile stretch of the Trent, aged from 5 to 85. Not everyone arrived and left at the same time and many I just saw from others pictures. We'd had good press coverage prior and also signed up around 5 new members on the day.

e1 - the pied piper trail going downstream
e2 - meet up
e3 - eco district councillor, her daughter plus two XR mainstays
e4 - the hip  band album cover


Nuneaton Old Edwardians 40 - 23 Southwell I

A long drive straight from Newark and initially was told the wrong but nearby club by my son. Our son seems to play better every match as his confidence grows.

Rugby - Injured player procedure
I'm told the meeting with the coaches, nurse etc went well and the procedure accepted - a bit messy politics wise but at least we've got a much needed agreed procedure in place now.

Pleasantly exhausted so went to bed at 9:30 having already slept for an hour or two on the sofa. 

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