By DonnaWanna

Car Mania

Somehow I let myself be roped into going on a Mercedes Car Club meetup thingy today. There were also the Porches, Ferrari’s and Mustang Clubs and a few other strays thrown in for good measure, actually some really amazing cars!!!
We all met up in South Perth and then drove pretty much all  together which was quite a sight for 70km down the coast to a lovely town called Mandurah.  There was also a Big Boat Show on there so this was Boats and Cars on display, quite an incredible line up and many gawkers ; )
Unfortunately it was 42c and that kind of spoiled it a bit. Nevertheless we all took over one of the restaurants and had lunch and it was a very friendly and fun mix of people.  The drive home was in the hottest part of the day and I must say the aircon in the Merc wasn't up to standard!!
Its taken me an hour or so to recover but I’m fine now : )
I’m not really a car person but I did like the main shot of the black shiny Porsche with a distorted Donna looking very odd haha!!  I did take a few other shots of what was around me and I’ve put some little collages in extras if you’re interested. Quite a day!!!

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