By AndyG1982

Spike The Talking Cactus!

At last! For years we've been trying to see him! But we never get her chance. He's always asleep! But today was the day! Flicky was a bit confused where the voice was coming from as I don't think she fully grasped the concept of a talking cactus. Not sure why. Pretty simple really. 

In other news I went for my first run in my new running shoes. 60 minute easy run the planner said. It was 60 minutes. But alot more minutes than I would like was spent walking. Still, slow and steady wins the race. We decided to celebrate my inaugural running my new trainers with a chipper for tea. Macaroni Pie supper for Mrs G, Mac n Black pie supper for me, with a side of haggis fritters. 
I'm sure it will be heartburn central but I have rennies. And I'm really hungry. 

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