By Bom


I saw several bees out in the garden today, either on the heather or warming up on the wall. They were very sluggish and a bit uncoordinated. It was 12C today and the sun came out late morning, I suspect it's the sun that bought them out today as it's been warmer other days recently. I hope they survive when it gets colder again. I went into town this morning for a couple of things, it was quite quiet, especially given it's half term. Whilst doing something in the garden this afternoon I managed to tweak my back - I've been a bit unlucky recently. 

So instead of getting on with my many jobs I watched Radium Girls, a film based on a true story in the US of female workers who got radiation poisoning from painting radium watch dials (dials and hands with self-luminous paint containing radium), mostly in the 1920s. They were instructed to repeatedly create a fine point on their paintbrush with their lips! Radium paint was used on luminous clock dials until the 1970s. The end credits said that a geiger counter over the grave of a radium girl will click for more than a thousand years. 

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