a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Today was my brother Brentastic's birthday, so Cathy and I, along with Janet and Incredibish joined him and his wife Sarah in the heart of Wiltshire for a delightful birthday lunch to help him celebrate.  He'd cooked the most marvellous venison ragout pasta which was delicious.  Not to be outdone Sarah followed this with a black forest gateau.

Afterwards we took a much needed walk across the local fields to work off all that goodness.  The weather has been horribly wet recently and the fields were very waterlogged after the heavy rain.  Wellington boots were definitely the order of the day.

I rather liked this tree, standing on its own in the field.  The tree's base is actually surrounded by standing water just at the moment, but I couldn't get a composition which included that little pool, the tree and the soggy field without also burning out the sky, so you'll just have to imagine the small pool around the base of the tree.

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