By seizetheday

Across the valley

Mild and breezy, so for the first time this year I hung out the washing to dry.  It was drier, but nowhere near dry, when I brought it in several hours later. I suspect that, occasionally, there may have been 'moisture' in the air.

Not as mild as I'd first thought. When I walked in to Holmfirth this afternoon to buy some cards for upcoming birthdays, and a couple of items for MrM, the wind felt as though it was coming from the North Pole, and I was glad of my winter jacket. However, it was looking green and spring-like across the valley.

MrM had intended to go to a music session in Hebden Bridge this evening, but was sneezing a lot and feeling tired. So he stayed in, and we watched the folk horror film 'Midsommar' - shades of 'The Wicker Man', and in parts quite brutal.

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