By seizetheday


The winter/spring-flowering heather in the front garden is providing a surprise welcome splash of colour. It had finished flowering by the time we moved in last May.

MrM's sneezing and lethargy had turned into a full-blown heavy cold man flu by this morning, and he spent much of the day in bed trying to keep warm.

I walked into Holmfirth and back this morning to post a card, but mainly to stretch my legs. Too wet and chilly this afternoon to contemplate gardening, so I finally got round to sorting out the contents of a large drawer. Several bags of flour way past their 'use by' dates - several years past, that is - were consigned to the bin. Everything is now labelled so we can see at a glance exactly what's in there...

A worrying message from Lucy about her dad - it seems he was hit by a car this evening. She and Tom are at the hospital. Awaiting an update.

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