By Kipsie

It's a mystery..... still

... but I had a thought today while walking Indie. Kew has an extensive seed bank, so I wondered if they could identify the seeds that my Grandad brought back from Nicaragua after his ship docked there in 1922 during his time in the Royal Navy. The grey cases hold seeds as they rattle about inside. And during our day sorting photos etc, I came across this postcard Grandad sent to his parents & brother. Provenance. I may have watched too many Antiques Roadshows.. :-)) Back in the day, not any more. Arthur Negus was THE best.
I woke early & was downstairs by 5.20am. Once I'm awake, that's it. Early breakfast, then as soon as it was light I headed off to the allotment, definately cooler this morning with a chilly wind. I deposited my kitchen waste in the compost bins, fed Bobby Robin as he turned up soon after I arrived, then I lifted leeks, plonked them in a bucket of water to wash the roots clean, pulled up some beet spinach & dropped that over outside Julie's patch. Her chickens will enjoy that I reckon. Next I harvested purple sprouting broccoli, & black kale. Did a bit of weeding. Could have spent the day up there having a good sort but duty calls. Walked back home with my produce. Pegged the laundry on the line, nipped into town to pick up a few bits, dropped in the chemist to check on some of hubby's medication, then down to CK.
Walked Indie across the heath, down to the river for a quick wash off then home. Spotted the first violets of 2024 on the grass verge on my way back into the village. Mum's changed her mind about blueberry muffins.... She does'nt like them any more, so we ate 2 with clotted cream washed down with a coffee. Next we dusted, polished & vacuumed. I prepared Mum's lunch & left her eating it as I headed home.
Hubby was waiting for me to drive him to Tesco's. He's got a problem with his mobile phone. I grabbed a few things while I waited for him.
Late lunch at 3.30, then taxied him up to the pub.
An early night tonight I reckon.
Thanks to the ladies hosting Tiny Tuesday

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