By JanetMayes


Just before lunchtime, I opened a drawer of fabric pieces in search of a remnant earmarked for an apron, and discovered a ghastly mess not just of ripped and chewed fabric, but also of wrapping paper, which had been transported from floor level into the top drawer, bits of the paper and plastic bags in which fabric was wrapped, and the entire contents of two of J's wheat bags (heat packs) which had been in a basket of mending on the floor. As I gazed and squeaked in horror, a fat mouse peeped out at me, then disappeared through the back. I'm astounded that little mice had transported all these grains to the top drawer of the chest. That's a lot of mouse journeys. I also spotted some surprisingly large chunks of my miniature Green and Black's chocolate bars from Christmas - I'd discovered a couple of days ago that the box had been invaded, and had cleared up that mess, but had not seen evidence of (and not had time to search for) further damage. I had assumed the chocolate had just been munched on the spot. The photo was taken after I'd pulled out most of the larger pieces of fabric, the majority of which will have to be binned. The mending basket and floor are a mess too; a quick look in other drawers and boxes has not (yet) revealed further damage, but I have a lot of cleaning up to do. Sorry to post such a disgusting photo, but I've not been able to think of much else. Mice often try to move in to overwinter, we sometimes hear them scampering above the ceilings, and we generally have some success at catching them, in our humane traps baited with peanut butter, and relocating them in a distant wood; the first winter we lived here, mice had the effrontery to chew my slippers on the bedroom floor;  but this is the worst mess to date. I'm sorry to share such a revolting picture, but I couldn't think of much else for the rest of the day. The clearing up has been started but much more is needed: perhaps some good will come of this incident if it forces me to clear out some of my hoarded textiles.

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