By Teasel


It was back to work for me today and back to school for BB.  I worked in the office.  I had loads to catch up on, but too many meetings, meant I didn’t really have time to properly catch up with my in box.
My day was so full of meetings that I didn’t have enough time to get away from my desk at  lunchtime which was rather annoying.
I got home late, and then after tea I headed out for some steps, which also involved picking up a few provisions from the supermarket when I was out.  I got home and collapsed in front of the TV for a wee while.  BB said very little about his first day back at school.  He also had rugby training this evening.  We didn’t hear much about that either!
I walked past his mosaic this evening.  I didn’t go in, and in fact I have never stepped inside this establishment.

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