By Number147


I slipped down a few of the steps leading down into the cutting. 

Hetty, who was ahead, saw what happened and came dashing back to me. 

It took a few moments to assess whether I had done any serious damage and Hetty patiently waited until I was up on my feet again.

All I seem to have done is jarred my wrists and knees and I've a whopping bruise on the back of one of my legs.

I checked the badger sett and made sure the trail camera hadn't moved and then we went for a walk.

We stopped at the cafe on the way home. Hetty had an icecream whilst I had a hot chocolate and a chat with some people on holiday.

We had a hailstorm this afternoon. It was so noisy and it set off the car alarm!

I'm not going out this evening. It's Trevor's birthday and I can imagine what sort of evening it'll be!

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