By Teasel


I worked from home today, the first time in ages.  As ever I started my day with a pre-work walk.  When I got back, BB was almost ready for school.  I then had to set up my laptop and get ready to work.  I planned to have breakfast a bit later, but that never happened.  In fact I hardly moved all day which brought home to me the downside of working from home.  I walked as far as the microwave at lunchtime to heat up some soup, but had a meeting over the lunchtime period and then meetings all afternoon.  BB came home from school then disappeared out.  I had no idea where he was, until he reappeared with his cello, and I realised he must have been at orchestra.
He was then chasing me to get myself ready as we had parents evening – really parents’ late afternoon.  It was the first in person parents evening  we have had since BB was in S2.  It was also the last parents evening I will ever got to.  It was all good, same old message though – he needs to do more work, though they realise that now he has three offers,  he may switch off.  We’ll keep nagging him!  BB then headed off to rugby training and I walked into town, to the river, back to the supermarket, then home to sort out tea. 

While tea was cooking, I logged back on as I had loads of work to catch up with.  I then worked off and on over the evening, eventually logging off when I came to an email from last week that contained about six attachments, one of which was a 767 page document.  I will never read it.  I opened it and quickly closed it again and decided enough was enough at that point.
Even though it was late, I went for a very quick walk around the block to clear my head of work., before heading to bed.
These trees are down by the river.

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