By Teasel


I really struggled to get out of bed this morning, and even BB was up before me, wh8ich is very usual.  I was weary.  I did a few jobs around the house, then popped out to the pop up bakery and got some lovely bread and provisions.  Once I was back home, I hung my washing out and eventually got myself out for a late morning run.  I ran a different route today, and all was good until the last stretch where I had a long hill to run up – straight into the wind.  My head said no.  My legs were tired, and I am sure I could have made myself run up the hill, if only I had been in a better frame of mind.  In the end I ran, walked, ran.  At least I did it.
There were more chores and lunch to be sorted out.  Later in the afternoon I took in most of my washing as it was dry and was just getting myself ready to pop out to the supermarket, when a hideous shower appeared from nowhere.  I was so glad I’d got most of the washing in.  The shower passed, and I headed out.  The sun was shining again and it seemed calmer and a little milder than earlier.  I took a detour by the river before picking up a couple of things for tea.
It was then home to cook tea.  BB headed off to R’s before it was ready.  TT was playing football, so we ate when he got back, before watching the last episode of Criminal Record, which we have really enjoyed.  Later we watched Graham Norton, and BB reappeared, looking for his tea!
Our mini irises got battered by the afternoon rain.

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