By heanku


We walked past the waterfall on our walk. And the runaway snowball (decoration) is still there. Funny. 
And now there are more photos, because I think you would not believe me without photographic evidence.These photos are taken from the upper part of the waterfall. Because we continued our walk, because we could not imagine the continuation.
First: The clinging snowball was funny, but even funnier was that suddenly a canoeist appeared on the foaming water. 
Second: The canoeist continues towards the waterfall. What on earth do we and others wonder? 
Third: He is in free fall. 
Fourth: He got down on an even keel. And continued on his way down the river. And all of us observers breathed a sigh of relief that he made it.

Geez! So many strange things you get to see on a regular quiet Saturday walk.

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