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A little Bit of Tinkering

Hello there from Blip Central.

We need to carry out some maintenance on our servers, which requires us to go off-line for a while.  Nothing major and we hope to be back up and running as soon as everything has been checked out but it will mean that from 7:00 pm GMT on Monday 26th February the site will be unavailable until we reboot the servers.  For those members in other time zones, this tool can help you work out when it is happening for you.

A notice will be displayed on the website saying we are 'down for maintenance' during the work.

We're sorry for any inconvenience. We will keep the period the site is unavailable as short as possible. This is part of a regular schedule of maintenance work that is carried out, often without any impact on your use of the site and it is important for the stability of the site that this work is done now.

Thanks for your understanding.

The Blipfoto Team

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