By seizetheday

Snow moon

After a bright and frosty start, it warmed up enough to spend the afternoon in the garden, mostly sorting out the little pond and surrounding area. Sadly, no sign of frogs, but there were lots of leaves that had blown  in over the winter. Meanwhile, MrM was working on some instruments in his workshop.

As we'd both been busy and neither of us had thought about food, we decided on fish & chips for tea. I had an ulterior motive in suggesting that we drive up on to the moors to eat them - a photo or two of the full moon rising. As we drove we had a very brief and tantalising glimpse of part of the huge, yellow orb before it was covered by a thick bank of cloud! We ate our meal with a view over the moors, but the cloud persisted...

Much later in the evening, long after we got home, the sky cleared...

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