Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Costa Clyde

I suppose there had to be a time when I'd lapse into cliché for blip photo and title - this seems to be it. But it was such a beautiful day it seemed daft not to celebrate it with some picture postcard shots, and the title certainly isn't original ...

Began the day with Pilates; my lift is back from her holidays so there was less panic attached to getting there on time as well as hanging out two loads of washing. (They all dried - every last item - by mid-afternoon. Hurrah.) Our class, most of whom have been together for all the time - six years? - I've been going, is a lovely, supportive bunch of women, most of us past retiring age - the young man who joined us the past two weeks wasn't there today. Have we scared him? Many laughs and some teetering balance-work later, I came home to the empty house to drink coffee and do extra Italian.

Himself had a surgery appointment inconveniently in mid-afternoon, so we abandoned the usual post-prandial stupor in favour of a walk along the West Bay, when I took all the photos in the collage - down the firth, Highland Mary's statue, the dilapidated but still potentially splendid Victorian pier buildings and the view back along the bay towards the pier. You must admit the colours are worthy of the Med - though there's a different quality to the blues ...

While Himself was in the surgery, I popped into Morrison's and picked up a cabbage and two peppers, which should see us through to my usual shopping day without our dying of scurvy, and hurried up the road with them precariously balanced in my hands because I didn't have a bag. later, because it was still sunny and rain is forecast we went out again, in the car back down to Ardyne to walk along the shore road and take innumerable photos of Arran and the snowy mountains, which had no cloud on them today. 

Dinner was shepherd's cottage pie - I don't think I've made one for myself since we moved here, 50 years ago - because I'm defrosting the freezer tomorrow and the mince has been there for a bit. It was actually delicious, and we finished off with more cake. My blood sugar ...

And then I sat down and promptly fell asleep in front of what looked like an interesting retrospective on the Thatcher years. In other news, Justin Welby seems to have blown it over his stance on Palestine - it's high time the CoE was disestablished. Too much weight given to political slants and not enough to prophetic truth.

There. Howzat for a closing remark?

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