By Martigan

Problem with two accounts?

     I forget what I've said where.   I ought to have had a "New Readers start here".
     For some reason I now totally forget, I was almost forced to open a second account.  (Maybe to be able to recoup my Mk l account I'd "Lost")
     Anyway, since it costs £0.00 for this Account I though "Well Y knot?"  The problem is this - "One of me" has showed the outside of Cedrus Atlantica Glauca pendula and promised a look inside.
      Well - here's the look inside.  For the record; every Plant, both back & front came in and was added to a plain sheet of Grass in the back of our Car.
      The two Walking Sticks are near nuff 1 yard/mtr tall with handles about 4"-5"/10-12cm long; to give an ides of its "now" size. IF I had/could borrow a Hammock I'd be tempted to risk a night out; just for the hell of it, as my true Camping Days are    L  O  N  G   gone.
     The horizontal "trunk" extension is every bit as sturdy

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