By Mrsmacdub


It was misty at first then a light drizzle most of the morning, but we didn’t see any sun all day.

The morning seemed to pass us by somehow, although MrMacD baked a sourdough loaf using a new recipe.  I obviously wasn’t properly awake at first because I missed a wonderful blip opportunity.  MrMacD had mixed the sourdough last night and put it in the usual Weck jar.  However, the jar proved too small and it was like Mt Vesuvius erupting in the kitchen when we got up.  It was hilarious, which is probably why I missed the opportunity.

I got the undercoat on the ceiling and the walls in the man cave, but still have to do the doors, door frames and window frame.  I ran out of time and paint, however, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

S the tiler turned up to put silicone around the tiles.  He’ll be back tomorrow to clean the tiles in the entrance and put some white grout in two small holes in the ensuite where a wall heater was removed.

We went to Rotary this evening, where the speaker was Myfanwy Alexander, who won the Otago Daily Times/Rural Life Year of the Farmer competition last year, is president of North Otago Federated Farmers, the regional lead for the Dairy Women’s Network, and on the South Island Dairy Event governance group.  She is positive and enthusiastic and it was extremely interesting how she came from a non-farming background in Wales to being a force to be reckoned with in rural New Zealand.

My emergency blip is the plums that are now prunes … sort of.  It was an experiment,  will do better next time.

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