By Ingeborg


Happy Leap Day, everyone !
I doubt anyone will recognise my image today, this is a metallic stamp with a Chinese character on it used to decorate cakes. I’ll  explain a bit how I made this image. The object is about 6cm high, metallic , with many corners and I put it on a light box and photographed it from above. The shadows of the parts of the object made the colours and I did emphasise the colours a bit. Just to show you that anything can become more or less abstract by the way it’s lit up, by the viewpoint from the camera and by using reflections for example. For today’s optional theme of ‘shapes’ . I’ll put a clearer image of the stamp in the extra :-)

Please tag your entries with AT453 so I will be able to find them all over the weekend :-)

Thanks very much for the comments, stars and even hearts for yesterday’s bird, don’t worry too much, even though it doesn’t seem to understand that there’s really no competitor there it does not fly head first against the window.

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