By pensionspoet

Happy Place

A good day off today. No singing as we break for a week so I had planned time at the allotment. Last night I saw the forecast was for rain all day. I didn’t let that stop me and when I got up, it was still dry. I had breakfast then headed straight there at 8.

Spent an hour planting some flowers and small shrubs onto my flower mound, to add to the small dads and snowdrops I put in last week. I also gathered more topsoil for my next raised bed. I should have 2 good beds for the summer. I had my phone on me, so took the opportunity to do a 10 minute meditation sitting in my happy, albeit drizzly, place. The rain started to get heavy, so I jumped onto Olive and cycled home.

Had a hot drink with Jon before driving to Cromer. First to the vet to pick up Ralph’s flea treatment then to Lidl.

I’d kind of planned to tidy. But although I spent a lot of time moving things about, I can’t say it looks tidy. I managed to clean the kitchen and make a vegetable soup. Jon was going to Holt in his lunch break, so I went with him and had a quick look in White Stuff. That was a mistake as there is 20% off everything at the moment. I bought a perfect pink chunky cardigan and black dungarees. The cardigan I’ve been looking for, but the dungarees were an extravagant treat. But I did save £23…can you work out the cost?!

Continued moving things in the afternoon. My office again. I want to get a separate desk for work stuff because the table I currently use is really my crafting space. There isn’t room for a very big desk but I’ve had a go at moving things again. I have a blind to go up, but need my carpenter (aka Jon) to be free of other jobs. He is in great demand at the moment. I took my poetry and craft books upstairs to put on the shelf in there. I’d love to find another place for the books in the lounge as I feel it makes it really untidy. But I can’t think of where they can go. Let a few go to charity, but not enough to make a difference.

I made a lemon chicken stir fry for dinner - another Michael Mosley recipe. It said 10 minutes to prepare - yeah right - it took me 30!! I’m really not made for kitchen jobs!

I’m having a night off writing. Have done a fair bit and am up to 18500 words. Had hoped to hit 20000 by the end of Feb but I am on track. Feeling a little bit of writers block, so am going to write a synopsis on paper at the weekend. Hoping it will prompt me to get going again.

Tomorrow I start my skipping. I’ve signed up to skip 100 skips a day in March for Cancer research. I signed up, rather quickly when I saw the challenge on Facebook, as we drove home late from Andy’s funeral. I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew. I’ll probably have to do the skipping in chunks to begin with. 40, 30, 30 I’m planning, spread throughout the day, as I am properly unfit!! Thank you to those who have sponsored me. I will do it!!

Now trying to find something good on tv…and failing!!

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