By pensionspoet

A busy Saturday

But not a tiring one. Starting with 40 skips. I started the 100 skips a day in March yesterday, for Cancer Research. Inspired by dear Andy, and really grateful to kind friends who have already sponsored me. I did 100 in one go yesterday and it was too much for an unfit 58 year old me. So today I split it up. 40 in the morning, then breakfast. I made blueberry pancakes while Jon washed up from last night, and we then sat in the conservatory to eat. It was lovely and relaxed. Warming up a bit now, so I’ll be using it more.

Henry got up just in time for breakfast then when we had finished, we went to Sheringham. Henry wanted a hair cut, so we decided on a change from Cromer for coffee and called Mollie to invite her. I did a bit of browsing in charity shops plus the card making/craft shop in the little arcade. The lady in there is so helpful, and has loads of die cuts which is what I was scouring the charity shops for. I talked to her about stamp pressing and she showed me how to do it with a special stamp press machine. I decided to take the plunge and treat myself. Avoiding the die cuts which cost between £8 and £12 each brand new.

We had coffee at the Little Theatre cafe and Mollie met us. Dan is with Viki in Daventry this weekend helping her move in to her new flat. So we are missing them both but will have to get used to that, as she starts her first midwife post shortly in Coventry. An exciting time, but a shame that there were no vacancies in Norfolk when you hear of such a midwife shortage. We are sending her lots of hugs from home and wishing her the best time.

After coffee I headed to the one charity shop which I know always has lots of card making bits, and they came up trumps. I bought this pile of die cuts and stamps for a total of £13.

More skipping, another 30, when I got back, a bit of hoovering and lunch, then the whole afternoon was spent in the office/craft room playing with the stamps and die cuts. It was fun practicing but I do need my big table to work on. I made lots of mess, but really enjoy this new card making technique so will carry on practicing. Some of the die cuts are very intricate and it takes a while to get it right so that they come out of the mould completely. I’m so grateful to blip friend Bom for the Big Shot. It has opened up my eyes to a great new craft!

Did my final 30 skips, the cooked a fry up for Saturday tea for the 3 of us. Now sitting down to find a film to go with my chocolate!

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