By Mrsmacdub


There was thick fog this morning, but we walked down to the Friday coffee gathering anyway. I spent the afternoon painting and MrMacD sanded the inside of the wardrobe in the third bedroom and filled all the holes.  Why there were so many holes remains a mystery. We found a giant puffball in the garden hiding among the pumpkins and wondered whether it was edible, but only for a few seconds.  There is no way we would eat it.  Maybe the birds will enjoy it.  MrMacD prepared supper then we walked down to the Victoria Lounge Bar for a drink and a chat.  By then (after 6pm) the sun had decided to show itself.  However, by the time we walked home the temperature had dropped.  I think we’re definitely heading into autumn.  We got a lovely sunset as we walked home.  We ate our supper watching The Great Kiwi Bake Off.  It was Sugar Week this week - oh my, so much sugar!!

I’ve switched comments back on and hopefully I’ll be able to keep up.

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