By Munni


March 1st is known as Chalandamarz in this region. On this day, the children take part in a procession all around their village; ringing cow bells, singing songs, and older boys make noise by cracking huge whips. All of it is the traditional way of welcoming Spring and driving out Winter.

They didn’t quite succeed yet, as it never stopped snowing all day.

I was impressed by the children, some of them still really young, going around the village all day in their traditional costumes and with those heavy bells, while it snowed and everyone got quite wet. They all took their duty very seriously, and got cheered by parents, villagers and tourists alike. Some more impressions of the procession in the extra collage.

This morning, we also had a short but delightful blipmeet. After we’ve been following each other’s blips for about two years, I met Christophi, his wife Päivi and their lovely puppy Kara for a dog walk near the Bernina pass. 

We’ll meet again soon, and I am looking forward to it.

After our walk, they gave me a lift to Hotel Morteratsch, where I wanted to go for a longer walk to the glacier. However, the trail was deep in fresh snow, about 20 centimeters of it, and not easy to walk without snowshoes. I gave up after a kilometre or so, and walked along the river to Pontresina instead.
That turned out to be quite tough too, in the fresh, soft snow and against the wind that constantly blew snowflakes into my eyes. I also discovered that my rather new waterproof jacket isn’t really that waterproof. As I arrived at the hotel (after 18,000+ steps), I was soaked. But after a hot shower and a quick dip in the warm pool, I am now feeling warm and cozy again.

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