By papertiger

Graft, guts and generosity.

Life is about luck and it's about circumstances and socioeconomic conditions and all the rest of it, but you know, you can also make choices. It's about spirit and generosity and all the other things, too.

-- Mike Leigh

Today was a good day!

This afternoon I had arranged for one of my Youth Theatre participants to meet and interview four of the cast members from Let the Right One In, which finishes its run at the theatre on Saturday.

It wasn't an easy thing to organise but if you don't ask, you don't get! In the end it happened because of the generosity of a few and to an extent that I honestly wasn't expecting. And I mean generosity in the broadest sense - not just time, but generosity with their knowledge, with their experiences, and with their advice.

Sometimes it's nice just to do something because you know it will mean the world to someone else ... even if they are a stranger. That kind of generosity is pretty rare, I think.

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