Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

3352. Knitting squares for blankets for Ukraine

First of all, thank you to everyone wishing me happy birthday yesterday and for all the stars, hearts and comments on my journal, all of it was much appreciated and apologies for not responding, we were shattered when we got home from Edinburgh and I was fast asleep by 9pm!

This morning my step daughter and I headed over to Tim Horton’s for a coffee before visiting both HomeSense and TK Maxx for a bit of retail therapy, and it was double discount weekend for friends and families of staff there….my friend gave me her discount card so we did rather well!

Back home for lunch then sitting relaxing watching Justified on my iPad whilst knitting more 12” squares for blankets for Ukraine.  I am taking part in the Versus Arthritis March Knitting Challenge, so to make it useful, I am knitting these squares then posting them off to a lady in Plymouth who gets them sewn into blankets and then sent over to Ukraine.  I probably won’t manage loads but I’ll knit when I can for the whole Month and then post them off.

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