By FrankS

Shoe Box

An emergency blip (EB) for today's entry even though I've had a fairly busy day I didn't take any photos until I came home.

This morning we went to Stratford where we met Tom and Rachel at the cinema cafe in Bell Square.  There we had a good chat and a coffee.  We then drove to Morrisons where we had  lunch and did a spot of shopping whilst the car received a well earned clean.

Next stop was Mike's house where I had a cup of tea and we talked about WRAP.  I had received a new phone from BT to exchange for the present office phone that wasn't working. 

Then back home.

So a silly photo not for Silly Saturday,  but silly Sunday.  What do you do with your crate after you've finished the champagne?   Use it as a  shoe box!

ps it was empty when we received it :-((

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