By Mrsmacdub


MrMacD was a real star this morning as he went out to do all the shopping while I got stuck in and put a top coat on the interior of the wardrobe.  It’s come up so well I’m not going to put on a second coat - it is a wardrobe, after all - but I did put two coats of red on the floor of the wardrobe, the same as I used on the stairs down to the laundry.  So that’s now finished and MrMacD can put up the new clothes rail and we can move everything back in to the third bedroom and start to get straight.

The next two days will be focused on the man cave, which I hope to have finished no later than Thursday, but Wednesday would be better.

Our lovely blipper friend, Mima, accompanied by her delightful dog, Bean, came for lunch and a shower as her water pump isn’t working.  In return for the hot shower, we received a lovely bowlful of apricots from Mima’s trees.  Quite a good barter I thought.  We were having pies for lunch, which I decided to put in the small oven to heat but that was taking way too long so I had to move them to the big oven and finally after about an hour we were able to sit down to eat.  Very silly of me.

We went to the monthly North Otago Garden Club meeting tonight and there were some interesting speakers.  It’s meant I don’t have time to dip into blip journals, so I am a little behind.

It’s been sunny today but with a cold wind.  We did have a lovely sunrise, though.

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