Can't hide that big beaming grin that says "that's me aff school now for summer".

I'll leave the little bombshell that he'll be filling black bags with rubbish and sugar-soaping paintwork down so we can decorate his room 'til Monday, let him have his deserved moment of euphoria. He's kind grown out of the sci-fi/spaceship look we decided on last year two years ago three years back four years ago! (Bloody 'ell, time flies). It'll be black gloss and a skulls motif or something this time around. Or maybe just paper the walls with all the takeaway menus that flop through the letterbox, as food seems to be the thing that occupies his mind most of his waking hours nowadays..

Picked up a load of camping gear yesterday so, if the weather holds, Euan fancies pitching the tent up in the back garden for a try-out. Now thinking that if he decides to do that and maybe stay out a few days it'll mean we can empty his room and blitz it without worrying where he'll sleep. As long as he has an electrical extension where he can plug his telly and PS3 into I'm sure he'll be more than happy to do that. Roughing it and all that.

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