Red Arrows

There's always one. Just when you think you've found the perfect spot above the masses, someone comes along with a camera on a stick and trumps us all.

Despite all of the brouhaha around Stirling's Big Weekend, and in particular this big boy's toy show vs Bannockburn 700 just up the road, the crowds turned out to in enough force to drown out the politics and the politicians and just enjoy the spectacle.

Thinking there's be a complete traffic snarl up I took the bike up to Stirling Castle and headed over to the ramparts overlooking the event arena. Andmoff had the same idea so we spent the afternoon shooting the aerial acrobatics from a great vantage point. Tens of millions of pounds worth of military hardware threw itself around the sky above us, until the sky above us leaked so much we headed off for some beer and cake and ice cream. Returned in time to catch the Battle of Britain display (or Britian as the website listed it) then the finalé of the Red Arrows.

Impressive stuff altogether, especially the bit where Andmoff coughed up for my slab of rather fittingly named millionaire shortbread.

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