Pink Rose

Today was frustrating and successful. I didn't get rained on as I went to work but all the flowers I looked at for blipping purposes were very soggy and not at all photographic.

At work I think I've completed the two pieces of work I need to on time, but I also lost a lot of time at both the start and end of the week with the poor documentation from SAP. Considering how much their software costs you'd think they could manage half decent documentation? No it's all Google foo and good luck...

On the way home I took a few more pictures, today's blip is one of them. I also had a pretty good yellow rose but I think the pink one has come out better.

I popped into a local bike shop to see if they had the gloves I wanted, but they didn't - just lots of the ones I want in the colour (black) I don't want. They didn't walk over to talk to me so I didn't bother to ask if they could order some in.

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