Foreign Weed

This is the flower of the Californian Poppy (Eschscholzia californica) an invasive foreign weed. I planted some last year in a sunny well drained part of our garden. I liked them so much I bough some more this year. Considering where they have grown I'd say that the germination rate from the bought seed was less than 5% but the ones I planted last year have self-seeded all over the place on their own...

We finished of the last section of floor to be insulated this morning. I then screwed the floorboards back down and relaid the old carpet - which is only temporary until we put down a wood floor over the whole ground floor.

Today was the start the Le Tour, so we watched it live on ITV4. It was quite exciting with lots of complication. Sadly the video feed from France TV was pretty terrible it was dark and grainy, you would never think it was from a sun drenched Mediterranean island. The commentary from the ITV team was also a bit lame, mixing up their Napoleons amongst other things...

I briefly popped out with my camera to grab this blip - as we're helping with the dishes at a friends charity event, so I won't have any time later on.

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