We didn't have any plans for today, which is good as it very quickly fell out of our control. Just before breakfast we had a call from my better half's mother which delayed breakfast a little. As breakfast finished we got another call inviting us out for lunch and reporting "vandalism" at the community orchard.

Once the laundry was out and onto the line* we cycled over to the community orchard to inspect the damage. Unless someone actually saw someone breaking the branches it looks more like stupid pigeons trying to land on the saplings and breaking branches than actual vandalism. We then biked over to our friends for lunch.

After lunch we cycled home and I took this poppy picture - its a different colour from yesterdays, in case you like the more delicate forms.

At the moment my better half is researching how to keep pigeons off saplings while watching Le Tour. I'm going to prepare a batch of rhubarb we were given for jamming and have a nap...

* Technically it's not a good idea to line dry things if you have hay fever as I do, as all you end up with is a load of pollen on your laundry..

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