Flower or alien communication device?

Very busy day today. An early start, spent all morning reviewing code and documentation - dull to do but essential if we are to continue to improve standards. More reviewing after lunch.

Late in the afternoon the chaps arrived to measure the windows and doors. They had a rotten drive down from Yorkshire to Hampshire so were a few hours late!

After all the windows were measured and we'd chatted about various things it was back to work for another hour to make up for lost time. We had dinner while watching the highlights of Le Tour. I quickly grabbed this blip of a love-in-a-mist flower, which looks more like some strange alien communication device than a flower.

After Le Tour we watch a little TV before I made a mammoth batch of Rhubarb and orange jam just getting to bed before mid night, hence the delay and back blipness of this posting. We now have around 4 kilos of lovley jam!

You would have thought by working from home and saving my travel time I would have had an easy day, but I did more work than normal for work, more at home and still I ran out of time...

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