Made in France

A busy day working on old code. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't perfect and more importantly it wouldn't work without a re-write. Sadly several different things had changed so I had to fix several relate issues - which makes debugging more awkward.

After work we had a game of badminton which even though I was tired wasn't too bad and I think I played better than of late. I respond to exercise a lot more than my better half so once it gets dry and I start to bike more I get noticeably fitter.

After dinner I made a batch of red current jelly. My better half is very partial to them and picked over 3 kg of the berries from our rather large bush in the garden on Sunday. Yesterday I mashed them up and started the long filtering process (three passes though increasingly finer mesh). I combined the 1.3 kg of juice with the juice of a lemon and 1.3 kg of fair trade sugar and boiled in my jamming pan.

Tonight's blip is the tiny 5 mm stamp on the side of the jam pan my better half bough for me to make jam with. It's heavy gauge copper with heavy duty rivets and chunky iron handles. It's very heavy but does make good jam without burning the fruit.

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