A Highland cow appeared in one of the local fields the other week, and I've never managed to get down with my decent camera until tonight. I was a bit peeved (and JT was highly amused) that it was sitting at the far end of the field out of view. We walked past and on the way back I decided to head into the next field and wade through the thigh high grass to get close enough for a photo. She didn't turn round when I got close and I was almost ready to walk away when she got up. I then realised there was a calf beside her which must have just been born. I thought I shouldn't get any closer and upset the cow, so this is the best I managed to get. So glad I decided to head in for a closer look. Miracle of life and all that.

Off to Skye and Torridon tomorrow for a short holiday then support duties for the Celtmen who will be hoping to improve on last year's results. Ricco has injured his shoulder falling off his bike in the last few days though, so we are hoping he will be able to take part. At the moment he is finding swimming decidedly difficult.

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