... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Wetlands Centre: Moorhenling!

Better in large ("L"): see how it waves its tiny, tufted winglet...

I had a wonderful afternoon at the Wetlands Centre with LondonSparrow! It was lovely to meet Marina, and we had a very jolly wander around the centre under the very summery-feeling sun.

We saw such a wonderful variety of birds: black swans and Bewick's swans; wood ducks and tufted ducks; moorhens and moorhenlings, coots and cootlings; barnacle geese (and goslings!), and many many more...
Wow, what fun! I loved seeing wood ducks (I've only seen them on others' blips before), and particularly liked the Hottentot ducks and the black-bellied whistling ducks (they were black-bellied, and they whistled!).

I've also put up a picture of two tufted drakes scrapping, and an adorable Canada gosling that I saw on the pond on Barnes Green.

Too many photos to choose from; perhaps I have two flickr sets to make...

Thank you for a lovely afternoon LondonSparrow!

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