Pictorial blethers

By blethers

New toy

This is the only photograph I managed to take today, what with the stress of picking up our new car and the all-pervading drizzle that had taken over by the time we'd finished our business and got out for a walk. So I shall merely record that this is indeed our new toy; it's black like the last one; it's got all sorts of interesting functions and I can speak to my phone on it.

What I shall have to get used to after a break of 6 years is having an ordinary handbrake again. Our last car had an electronic handbrake, which means perfect hill starts and carefree takeoff every time. Today both of us have tried to drive off with the brake on. Not a good idea.

This is the first car we've ever owned that isn't a Renault. We wanted a 4x4 and Renault gave up making the one they did. So this is a Ford. I think it's lovely - once I get used to that brake!

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