By amandoAlentejo

Flying Free

First of all, huge thanks for all your well wishes for our car inspection today - too long and tortuous a story to tell when we are about to celebrate with a meal Paul and Felicity have made - but we can drive our car again!! We'll get a new document with the new colour - CINZENTO (grey) - but they returned our old document meanwhile, so we can drive legally(ish). 

While Mike was on his way back from Évora, us three went for a combined Chapel and Lula walk, such beauty. We crept up on these geese, and then Paul scared them when Felicity and I were ready with our (phone)cameras. In extra, if you look closely, a successful stone skimming by Paul.

- getting our car back; it's been over seven weeks, phew!
- everyone who's cheered us on, and prayed, and God for listening
- Netty and Rich for being so generous with their two vehicles, and Ermelinda until she crashed, and others who offered and gave lifts, and even offered to pay for a rental, we are so rich in friendships

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