D'aicí enfòra

By chaiselongue

Double refraction

Lo Jardinièr wine-tasting at the marché du terroir in Pouzolles. We tasted whites and reds and bought a few bottles of each from a favourite, Domaine de Bonian, as well as olive oil from our Gabian friends, saffron and saffron honey from Les Roches Rouges at Neffiès, apricots and aubergines, fresh garlic, cured sausage from La Salvetat in the mountains to the north, and we met people we know and chatted about the weather (which is just starting to feel like summer), paellas, photo-exhibiting possibilities, and in a mix of Valencian and Occitan (which resemble each other) and a bit of French with one friend about rice-growing near Valencia and the long days he spent working in the rice fields there as a child......

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