By dogwithnobrain

Took all the Trees put em in a Tree Museum

I know I can't retire yet. 

Yesterday was a bank holiday and I spent the day pacing the house, considering the things I could be doing,  I was antsy and etsy and wanted to be being constructive .

It didn't help that my head was sore, and my nose was running, and my throat had the slightest tingle of  something coming. 

One thing I did focus on for more than five minutes was this Crow.  I believe it to be a carrion crow.  But I will study it further and work out exactly what it is. 

I watched as It dragged a very large stick from under that tree trunk, throw it out of the garden, heave it across the pavement, tug  it on to the road, and then take off.   

I was so engrossed, I ran out of the door to watch  its flight.  to witness where it needed to go so badly with this stick. 

As it happened I ran into my neighbour and she wasnt quite so interested in the crow as my husband's retirement. .... quite how early was it.   ..... 

As I was sitting today, contemplating the horrific night's sleep i had; the liquid pouring from my nose, eyes and mouth, i suddenly seen him again.  And another one.   They went through the whole palaver again. 

drag from Under tree, heave it to edge of garden.  Push it to the pavement,  yank it across the pavement and onto the road,...

This time I was in place for it's flight. 

He landed on my neighbours house ( the one from yesterday), and after catching his breath, flew from there, to the top of the tree, from whence the twig came. 

I was beside myself with joy, when  i realised the two of them were building a nest immediately across the road from me. 

I'm a bit concerned though....   That 2 days holiday has driven me to be an avid bird watcher, and be so over the moon at the prospect of watching and waiting for the big event

Can you imagine what nonesense I'd be up to if I was retired. 

heavens'  it's not worth thinking about.

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