By dogwithnobrain

Bands don't play no more

Sun was shining today but it was still flipping freezing 

Slept better last night buoyed up by painkillers and cold cures.  The sick feeling I got took me back to when I was a student. 
 I had tonsillitis probably every six weeks and dripped like a tap out my nose the other six 

I wasn't terribly heathy 

When the cold stuck. I would come home to me flat drink a lemsip with whisky take two beechams powders and two paracetamol a

That was enough to knock me out for 24 hours - no moving.  But the cold would be gone. Or well on its way 

Can't really do that now Himself tuts if I so much as take too much inhaler

I planted more seeds today.   I am relentless if nothing else 

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